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Believed to be Zisel (Alex Ziskind) Gabrilowitz of Baranovich in Belarus. A grandson to Faitel, he was the father to Zeidel D'Gabriel below.
Image from MONDO HOLLYWOOD, a film by Robert Carl Cohen (born 1930). A great-grandson of Faitel, Cohen is renowned for his pioneering documentaries INSIDE RED CHINA, INSIDE EAST GERMANY, THREE CUBANS, and COMMITTEE ON UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES.
Taube Dine Gabrilowitz (born circa 1850, daughter to Faitel) with her husband Morris Virshup. They are posed with their children Abraham, Mollie and Alex. A fourth child was Bernard Virshup.
Zeidel D'Gabriel (1905-1999). Born in Novogrudok, Zeidel lived in both Cuba and Mexico before making his way to Florida. A great-grandson of Pheitl's, he "Latinized" the name from Gabrylewicz.
Lithograph of Freud by Sidney Chafetz (born 1922). A great-grandson of Israel Yonkel, Chafetz graduated 1947 from the Rhode Island School of Design. He also attended the L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Fountainebleau in Paris, France. He is still an active painter at age 87.
Jack Kosslyn (1920-2005) A grandson of Israel Yonkel, he started in community theater and directed plays while serving in WWII. He appeared in several Clint Eastwood movies as well as in many TV shows including "Charlie's Angels," "Hawaii 5-0," and "Cagney and Lacey."

Bessie (nee Gabrilowich) Cohen (1892-1999) gained fame as a survivor of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911. When she died at 107 years of age, the New York Times ran a full page obit, which included the photo above.


Short article on Joseph Abrahams, grandson to Pheitl Gabrilowitz. A well known calligrapher, Abrahams was a Sofer, or Torah scribe. The article, which appeared in a Journal of Jewish Social Studies, unfortunately contains three important errors: 1) Ossip was a Russian-born pianist, not Polish; 2) He was not a grandson of Pheitl's; and 3) Mark Twain had a single grandchild, Nina Gabrilowitsch.