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Welcome to the "Gabrilowitz Family Tree" web site, which traces the descendants of Pheitl (Faitel) Gabrilowitz of the Novogrudok region of Belarus. The Gabrilowitz family is spread all over the world, including members that live, or have lived, in Australia, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, Cuba, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

The site also traces the genealogy of Ossip Gabrilowitsch, the concert pianist and founding conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, who also married Mark Twain's daughter.

Additionally, the site traces some of the branches of the Gabrilovich family that appears in the Lithuanian Revision (or census) records.

If your last name (or ancestor's name) is Gabrilowitz, Gabrilovich, Gabrielovich, Gabrilovitch, or Gabrilowitsch, there's a good chance we're related.

A Russian historian recently wrote to me that she believes most "Russian Empire" Gabrilowitzs are related.

This site is maintained by Michael Stern of Boston, MA, who began work on the Gabrilowitz genealogy in 1981, interviewing, corresponding and meeting with dozens of family members around the country and world.

The family tree represents the contributions of many different members of the family who shared their research, stories, memories and insights.

The Gabrilowitz Family Tree web site is meant to be an interactive, evolving project. Hopefully disparate members of the family will find their connection to another branch!

Please send photos, stories, updates, news and discoveries to

Israel Yonkel Gabrilowitz
Born circa 1845, he lived in the town of Luptz (Lyubcha) in the Novogrudok district of Belarus. He fathered 10 children with three wives.

Tovah Rasha Gabrilowitz (1868-1931)
The daughter of Israel Yonkel, she is pictured with her husband, Hyman Mallen, and son Phillip (born 1895). They immigrated to the U.S. settling in
New London, CT.

Ossip Gabrilowitsch
Concert Pianist and founding conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. He married Clara Clemens, Mark Twain's daughter.


Recent News
Through "Googling" the name Gabrilowitz I came upon the most important discovery I've ever made in genealogy: the work of two historians, one Russian and one German, who are experts on the Gabrilovich family in St. Petersburg and are writing a book about Dr. Nikolai Gabrilovich! Read More